Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Secret of Area 51(UFO Area)

Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, is a secret military facility about 90 miles north of Las Vegas.It's in grid number 51 of the Nevada Test Site, so it's called Area 51.For anybody wanting to see unusual objects flying about in the sky, then it is claimed that the sky above Area 51 is the place for things to happen.
Area 51 is also the center of many UFO stories.

UFOers are sure it is used to hide "aliens" from us.

It's the most talked-about super secret location in the history of secrecy.
Area 51 is protected by warning signs, guarded by helicopters, ground sensors and the airspace is restricted to both civilian and military aircraft 24 hours a day.

So why does the US Government guard the gates like this?what is the secret that they hiding from us?
there are so many articles about area 51 on the internet.most of them have written by American people....
It means they also don't know anything about this area...

What u guys think about that??????????????


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Chamila said...

Area 51 is just another over emphasized thought just like burmueda triangle.There are millions of places where no one is allowed to access but yet people choose this to be special.As the word says it's UFO so it's unidentified so we don't have anything to speak about it.Don't follow the blind!!
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