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Finally... New Housing for my 5200

Finally I got the new housing for my cute, darling phone.. It's Black.. As I told U guys before, I bought it 4m E Bay.. They have sent me the housing + equipments to remove ma old housing.... such a nice seller.. :)
I had to spent around Rs. 700/= to buy this(housing with key pad + equipments ) 4m E Bay... I must tell u this guys.. If u want to buy this(without equipments) from Softlogic then U will have to spend Rs. 3000/= . Without Keypad, u can buy this around Rs. 2000/=... :)
I got it within 1 week... fast delivering... (but took so much time for me to write a blog post.. it's another story.. ;) )

Check out the images below... MY BUDDY with it's new LOOK.. he he.. lol

Now It's Rocking...

When I was BORED...!! :P

Today is big damn bored day... no task @ office...
When i was busy with office stuff i wished all the time... "oh please I need a Break..." But now it's totally other way round... Today I have nothing to do except testing.. So I started to surf the Internet... First E bay.. then sinhala Bloggers.. then net games.. ;).. ah twitter as well... nothing impressed me much.. :O then I started to read a book.. actually it's a PDF.. Think U guys already know about this book.. It's Head First SQL... when i saw the name of the e book.. First I felt uhhh... another technical book... :(
But when i started to read it.. the whole impression was changed.. the writing style is pretty interesting.. It's really simple and it used so many funny stuff to explain the theory parts...
Still I'm reading it... why don't u guys try that out?? It's damn interesting...
"OReilly Head First SQL".. This is the name of the Book.. Enjoy Guys :)

My Mobile Phone..

This time I came up with a different story.. Actually this is not a story. This is about my mobile phone...

My phone is a Nokia 5200 one. I bought this phone on year 2007. Now it is 2 and 1/2 years old. :)
I have fallen in love with it. It was a love @ first sight.. :P
I was searching for a cute, colorful(specially blue) and chubby phone at that time.. So finally I found one...

So somehow I bought it from SoftLogic..
Still I'm using this phone and now I'm looking for a new housing(Cover) to ma 5200.

I'll show U some pics of ma phone.. Then U will realize why I need one.. :)

So what U guys think???.... :P lol...

Transformers II - Revenge of the Fallen

I went to watch Transformers II on 14th July. We had to book the tickets before we go there. We went for 7.00pm show, but the crowd... phew.... :) made nooooo difference...
I really love this movie.. Every inch of this movie is happening.. Yeah I know Guys... comparing to Transformers I this one is bit different.
Let's say like this...

Transformers I
Action, Great Story, Less Mistakes

Transformers II
MoreAction, Story (Not bad but not good also ... :P), Average Mistakes

According to my view point there are two visible goofs..

1) To the final war, why US soldiers coming to land(Egypt) across the sea?? Geographically it's not practical.
2) Why Megatron sending such a small creature to get the small piece from Megan Fox while they trying sooo hard to get other piece ?? Are they that much weak?

I saw there are sooo many goofs in IMDB site. But according to my view point I can ignore them coz this is not a real story and this is just an imagination, BUT it's a great imagination. I really…

Fast and the Furious 4

Last week I have watched the Movie "Fast and the Furious 4". Finally Thank God.. It's really better than Tokyo Drift..

This time the story was based on a Heroin importer. Toretto(Vin D.)'s Girl was killed by them. After Toretto got to know about this, he decided to join with them and take the revenge from them.
Paul Walker is doing a great part the movie. He is doing the role of Brian O'Conner as a FBI agent. Brian is assigned to track a drug lord named Arturo Braga.

Both Toretto and Brian, having received the same information about Heroin Importers.
After that, this movie goes around how they meet those smugglers, how they win their tasks, how they get all the information about smugglers, what smugglers do to winners, etc...

Toretto & Brian combination makes the movie more Happening. I'm damn sure, U will gonna love this Movie.. Enjoy..!! ;)


Sometimes I Love it..
Sometimes I Hate it..
Sometimes I Like it..
Sometimes I Don't know it..

What is this??
God knows, I think!
He wants us to Enjoy it..
But why do I Suffer..??

Now I understand........

I Love Him, not Life..
I Hate Reality, not Life..
I Like Dreams, not Life..
I Don't know Myself, not Life..

Knowing about me is the Reality...
When Reality becomes my Dream,
I can Love my Life...
As same as I Love Him....

Death Race - Killer Ride of Freedom ??

I watched the movie Death Race once... Actually I watched it last year. The Story was excellent according to my view point. It's a Thriller, action and a Sci-Fi Movie..
US prison wants to earn money using their prisoners... They don't care about prisoners' lives.. Only they want is money... They can create prisoners if they want for their purposes...
This is not a colorful movie... Because this movie is a race of life. But this is a happening movie... I had that curiosity "what will gonna happen next?? then ??" through out the movie..
Most Happening moment of the Death Race is the victory of Frankenstein and Joe. After they got together they managed to destroy the police vehicle using their tricks.
I don't like one part of this movie... Joe doesn't care about his partner.. In every tournament Joe's partner has to sacrifice his life. Without this part, I like this movie very much..!!