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Sometimes I Love it..
Sometimes I Hate it..
Sometimes I Like it..
Sometimes I Don't know it..

What is this??
God knows, I think!
He wants us to Enjoy it..
But why do I Suffer..??

Now I understand........

I Love Him, not Life..
I Hate Reality, not Life..
I Like Dreams, not Life..
I Don't know Myself, not Life..

Knowing about me is the Reality...
When Reality becomes my Dream,
I can Love my Life...
As same as I Love Him....

Death Race - Killer Ride of Freedom ??

I watched the movie Death Race once... Actually I watched it last year. The Story was excellent according to my view point. It's a Thriller, action and a Sci-Fi Movie..
US prison wants to earn money using their prisoners... They don't care about prisoners' lives.. Only they want is money... They can create prisoners if they want for their purposes...
This is not a colorful movie... Because this movie is a race of life. But this is a happening movie... I had that curiosity "what will gonna happen next?? then ??" through out the movie..
Most Happening moment of the Death Race is the victory of Frankenstein and Joe. After they got together they managed to destroy the police vehicle using their tricks.
I don't like one part of this movie... Joe doesn't care about his partner.. In every tournament Joe's partner has to sacrifice his life. Without this part, I like this movie very much..!!