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Big Bang Theory

Hmm... let's get back to ma old track.. after a long long time...
This time I Thought to write something about BIG BANG THEORY..

Big Bang->>>The theory of an expanding universe that begins as an infinitely earthly and hot medium.
The theory is based on the mathematical equations, known as the field equations, of the general theory of relativity set forth in 1915 by Albert Einstein.

American astronomer Edwin Hubble provided some of the greatest supporting evidence for the theory with his discovery in 1929.The light of distant galaxies was universally shifted toward the red end of the spectrum.
This proved that the galaxies were moving away from each other. He found that galaxies farther away were moving away faster, showing that the universe is expanding uniformly.However, the universe's initial state was still unknown.

But this theory can be wrong... for an example take the Doppler effect.The Big Bang theory of the universe can be wrong because the cosmological red shift …