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Fast and the Furious 4

Last week I have watched the Movie "Fast and the Furious 4". Finally Thank God.. It's really better than Tokyo Drift..

This time the story was based on a Heroin importer. Toretto(Vin D.)'s Girl was killed by them. After Toretto got to know about this, he decided to join with them and take the revenge from them.
Paul Walker is doing a great part the movie. He is doing the role of Brian O'Conner as a FBI agent. Brian is assigned to track a drug lord named Arturo Braga.

Both Toretto and Brian, having received the same information about Heroin Importers.
After that, this movie goes around how they meet those smugglers, how they win their tasks, how they get all the information about smugglers, what smugglers do to winners, etc...

Toretto & Brian combination makes the movie more Happening. I'm damn sure, U will gonna love this Movie.. Enjoy..!! ;)