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It Happens Only In Sri Lanka...

I went one of ma best friends' wedding yesterday!! It was in Taj and they had arranged all the things according to Buddhist rituals...
So i thought it's better to write something about the poruwa ceremony...
actually i don't even know much about that...
anyway here goes....
Of the many traditional events that take place during the Buddhist wedding, the ‘Poruwa’ ceremony is the most important. Therefore it is strictly guided by "Nekath".

The Poruwa Ceremony appears to have existed in Sri Lanka before the introduction of Buddhism in the 3rd Century B.C.

It was as valid custom as a registered marriage until the British introduced the registration of marriages by Law in 1870. Today's Poruwa Ceremony has been influenced by both upcountry and low country customs of Sri Lanka.

Getting married in Sri lankan Style is a life time experience. Compared to anywhere in the world, Sri Lanka is famous for long lasting marriages.
Present day society also have …

Secret of Area 51(UFO Area)

Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, is a secret military facility about 90 miles north of Las Vegas.It's in grid number 51 of the Nevada Test Site, so it's called Area 51.For anybody wanting to see unusual objects flying about in the sky, then it is claimed that the sky above Area 51 is the place for things to happen.
Area 51 is also the center of many UFO stories.

UFOers are sure it is used to hide "aliens" from us.

It's the most talked-about super secret location in the history of secrecy.
Area 51 is protected by warning signs, guarded by helicopters, ground sensors and the airspace is restricted to both civilian and military aircraft 24 hours a day.

So why does the US Government guard the gates like this?what is the secret that they hiding from us?
there are so many articles about area 51 on the internet.most of them have written by American people....
It means they also don't know anything about this area...

What u guys think about that??????????????

Black holes....???

i'm pretty interesting about black holes!!coz it's one of the great mysteries....
What goes on inside is unknown.
What we refer to as the black hole is actually a kind of "surface" at which the velocity required for escape equals Speed of light(1079,252,848.8 km/h).
we can prove it according to this formula...

If G - gravitational constant
M - mass of a body whose is
R - radius

the escape velocity is,

In the case of a black hole, this velocity is equal to c the speed of light,
hence the radius(Schwarzschild) of a black hole is expressed as -

The collapsing star of a supernova will turn into a neutron star only if its mass is less than about two or three times of the Sun. If the mass is greater, then even the star's huge density cannot hold gravity back, and instead of a neutron star the supernova creates a "star" that nothing can support against gravity. At a small enough radius, the gravitational force becomes so great that light can't escape, and the star…

The Power of Wushu...

Wushu appeared in ancient China as early as 2,500 years ago.During the
Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods (770 - 221BC),
a method called Daoyin was evolved to promote health.
Today, both in China and around the world, millions of
people are fascinated by Chinese Wushu and benefit from it.
It'z believed to be effective in preventing and curing some diseases like cold,ect....
Among the many forms, "Taijiquan" may enjoy the highest
popularity. Characterized by gentle, rhythmic movements, natural breathing,
physical & mental coordination.
Diz form is really effective for young and also old people as well.
this is like a treasure for every human,but unfortunately most of the people don't know about
this martial art very well...
It really helps us to balance our studies with so many extra activities and also it really helps us
to win so many internal things(the things that struggling in our mind)because of the mental and
physical coordination...I've achieved so man…

Fun with illness!

I'll catch u first,
I'll take u 2 bed,
I'll Make u hot,
I'll make u sweat,
I'll make u tired,
I'll make u vomit,

WHO AM I?????

Chicken Gunya!! ha ha ha !!!

people who live in Sri Lanka are so creative... this is a good
example to to prove it!I got this is a sms last nite!!see how creative they are.. :)

diz is a new week guys!! so just wanted to make u laugh from the begining of diz week!!

so keep smiling through da week everyone!!

Have a nice day!!!

Future of our Sports...???

15th Asian Games has started... there are so many Sri Lankan Players participating diz time.... It's a good news for every Sri Lankan!!

but unfortunately still we couldn't even get a single gold medal...

why is that?
Just imagine!!
where are we and we are other Asians?

members of the Sports Committee,
just open ur eyes now!!
This is not a fault of our players!!THEY ARE talented!!!
they have a feeling about their they do their best..
but that feeling is not enough to win a race like this..
they need to learn new technologies of sport!!they need new instruments to practice..more than everything they need ur coperation!!!
So try to coperate with them ....!

just do it once and feel da Difference!!!

Feel the wind of Victory!!!

Proud to be a Sri Lankan!!

Have a nice Day!!!

whatever happens to ur day just relax & manage to make a smile. life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed.
make every day ur Best Day!!!

one of ma best friends has sent me this sms.... it taugth me a big just wanna share ma feelings with u buddies...

so let's Rock our lives!!!!

p.s..have a Nice day everyone!! :)

Life is a Mystery u know actually what is happening inside the black hole?

A.No, neither does anyone else; it is one of the great mysteries of

there are so many mysteries around us!sometimes mysteries are more wonderful than the reality!!!

likewise life is a mystery!!we don't know what other people think and what happen inside their mind!actually we don't even know who we are!!still we are trying to understand!
***that is the secret of a wonderful life!!***

Hooray!!! Finally I did it!!!!

u guys know what ??!! this is like a dream !!
i was dreaming to create ma own blog... but u know there were so many excuses in ma mind!!
"this is useless", "i have no time to do such a thing" etc....
list goes on and on.....

but i did it some how .... isn't it??? :)

(may be this will gonna be ma last post.. hi... hi...!!)

keep rock on with NeviRoX!!