Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Future of our Sports...???

15th Asian Games has started... there are so many Sri Lankan Players participating diz time.... It's a good news for every Sri Lankan!!

but unfortunately still we couldn't even get a single gold medal...

why is that?
Just imagine!!
where are we and we are other Asians?

members of the Sports Committee,
just open ur eyes now!!
This is not a fault of our players!!THEY ARE talented!!!
they have a feeling about their they do their best..
but that feeling is not enough to win a race like this..
they need to learn new technologies of sport!!they need new instruments to practice..more than everything they need ur coperation!!!
So try to coperate with them ....!

just do it once and feel da Difference!!!

Feel the wind of Victory!!!

Proud to be a Sri Lankan!!


Prabha said...
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Prabha said...

we need people like u to comment,yea i hope u will do a great job through this blog..
and yea y dont you do some more work for sports too..

i think our wushu team deserves u...

u better think abt it

remember we are here for u!

all the best ma friend!!!