Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Sir John Herschel,he was the one who first used the term in 1839.That is the year the photographic process became public."PHOTOGRAPHY" is derived from the Greek words for light("phos") and writing/paint brush ("graphis").
There are two distinct scientific processes that combine to make photography possible. The first of these processes was optical.The second process was chemical.
Photography is so useful for human beings....Scientists have used photography to record and study.Security forces use photography for recognition and data storage.
Specially Photography is used to preserve memories of favorites and as a source of entertainment.
finally i want to mention this as well... U cannot be a photographer as soon as u get a camera...u need a creative eye to capture the view through the camera...
mhhh.... i don't know whether i have that creativeness or not coz still i don't have a camera.....

Like to be a Photographer...!!!

Have a nice day.. friendz..!!!


Hiranya said...
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DoT [ . ] said...

Dont you really have a camera? den hw did you capture Hiru like dat ...hmm...??
anyway was waiting for a new post from you I am glad you made time while doing all the hard work at office..
keep going
keep rocking..
luv ya loadz darling..
well done!!

Hiranya said...

You sure do have a creative eye..

Dhanushka said...

Capturing freezing emotions in time... Capture develop and distribute, three stages of photography... memories never to be forgotten...

Marek Julian said...

Hi Nevi,

You have a wonderfully interesting blog. Thanks for the kind comment on mine.


JP said...

I love when photography becomes artwork! You're right -- it takes a creative eye :) It's something I love working on though!

Thanks for the comment on my blog a while ago, too! I just thought I'd check yours out, and this entry caught my eye! Take care... JP

Dima said...
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Dima said...

Hey.. Just wanted to tell you that photography is passion and passion brings on the creative eye.. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog..
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