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Life is .... ??

Hi.. It's been a long time.. I have no idea whether the time flies for real. So many things have happened and still some of those are like dreams. Life goes on..
Anyway.. I thought of starting my blogs again. Have so many reasons for that but no point of dragging all the reason here.. :)
Life is somewhat wierd in some manner. For me, life is something which should seek new things.. for some other person, life is a standard material. For them, since the day they born every single movement is a standard thing. Study up to some level, find a reputed job, build a house, buy a car, get married, make children.. this list goes on and on till the person dies..

As I mentioned above, for me, life is for seeking new things.. and the feel every single second. But am I doing it? Since I'm living inside these standards even though I struggled so hard to become myself, most of the times I failed. That's because, I had to think about others as well before taking some decisions. Always had…