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Life is .... ??

Hi.. It's been a long time.. I have no idea whether the time flies for real. So many things have happened and still some of those are like dreams. Life goes on..
Anyway.. I thought of starting my blogs again. Have so many reasons for that but no point of dragging all the reason here.. :)
Life is somewhat wierd in some manner. For me, life is something which should seek new things.. for some other person, life is a standard material. For them, since the day they born every single movement is a standard thing. Study up to some level, find a reputed job, build a house, buy a car, get married, make children.. this list goes on and on till the person dies..

As I mentioned above, for me, life is for seeking new things.. and the feel every single second. But am I doing it? Since I'm living inside these standards even though I struggled so hard to become myself, most of the times I failed. That's because, I had to think about others as well before taking some decisions. Always had a thought like "what will happen to them if I do this?".
Then again it comes to my mind that everyone is just like me. For them also life is not a standard thing. They also want to do the same as I like to experience. But they also got stuck wherever the place I got stuck. So how can we change this and from where can we start this? I'm asking myself from and now it's been more than 10 years..
With this thought I'm ending up my post for today.
Be happy and make others happy..!!?? (Don't know whether this is possible :) )


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