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Blogging.... 4 Human beings..!!

Hi ma friendz...
I know this article will gonna totally different ... comparing with ma other blog articles.. Yeah i know guys..
But i had to write this ..

By the way.. what is a BLOG??

A blog is a place where one can express their own ideas and to accept others comments depends on the personality of the author!!
i think.. there's something missing guys...
If someone misuses others personal feelings through a blog.. u guys think it's correct??
Does it go with the definition of "DA BLOG..!!"
I don't think so..
We have no right to criticize others feelings like that.If we wrote something like that.. may be.. yeah obviously... our blog will gonna famous among the people.. because they like gossips.. that's human nature...
But as human beings we do have a heart .. rite..!!
SO how can we play with others feelings..??

If someone plays with others feelings trust me guys... she/he is not a human being. So Be a Human 1st...!! Then think about Blogging..

Coz Blogs belong to Human Beings..!!

Rock On..!!


The Reader said…
Wow Nevi, Thanks for the excellent post..!

Yes as u said.. Blog is a place where anyone can express them selves, their feelings etc... but no one can play with or misuse another person's feelings on any where, not even on a blog.

"Coz Blogs belong to Human Beings..!!" Yeah! only for Human Beings..!

Thanks Nevi, Thanks a lot for the great article.. Rock on!!
- Lala.
Hiranya said…
True.. Any one who writes on a blog should not misuse personal feelings of another person.. (specially without expecting some reaction..)
DoT [ . ] said…
yea Nevi I have always agreed to ur posts. so do to this.... I have found a good article which defines blogging have a look!I guess u will find "i think.. there's something missing guys..." part from that ;-)
Welcome to the Blogosphere.
DoT [ . ] said…
By the way i know this was written to say about an article published in ma blog cz this "A blog is a place where one can express their own ideas and to accept others comments depends on the personality of the author!!" was written by me.but if u read clearly i have not mentioned any name the person himself has commented its on him and got the things for him... i regret about it!!
The Reader said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
DoT [ . ] said…
When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you command the attention of the world!!! Dare to be different...!!!
Calm down Lala I will not comment on this matter again cz as i told in one of ma other comments too u only try to spread anger and hatred.. I dont have anything against u so peace out!
The Reader said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said…
Nice said ! nice to meet you

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