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Sri Lankan Government Vs Indian Government..!!

Yesterday I received two News Alert SMSs to ma mobile phone. It says that Indian Home minister and National Security adviser have resigned after the Mumbai attack. This thing is not familiar with Sri Lankan politics.
How lucky Indian people to have politicians like this..!If this Mumbai incident happen in Sri Lanka then ... then what?? nothing gonna happen except death of innocent civilians.
If this happen in Sri Lanka .. it will be just an incident, that's all and nothing more than that. Now the war is doing well in Sri Lanka.Yeah that's true that Sri Lankan Soldiers sacrificing their lives to destroy the terrorism.But most of the politicians can't understand the value of this.. Actually they can understand it but they don't like to understand it.. because the understanding of the reality is disadvantage for their persistence.

The Notice..

Hi Fellows....

I'm not gonna change the URL of ma Sinhala Blog..!!

Still It's


Have a Nice Day Everyone..!

Yours NeviRox..!!(Nevindaree)

The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger..!!

Last week I went to watch the movie, The Dark Knight.... First of all I must say this...

It is a GREAT MOVIE....

According to ratings the movie is in a higher position(9.1/10).
It should be like that..In this movie Christian Bale is acting as BatMan(Bruce Wayne) and Heath Ledger is acting as the Joker(Enemy of the movie).
In my view point, i think Heath Ledger is the person who did the biggest part of the movie.. His acting was marvelous..

Comparing his characters in Knight's Tale and this movie.. it was like Sky and Earth... But he has proved his talents by taking this challenge.
Normally I don't like to talk about Enemies of movies and their talents... coz always I see them as real world enemies.. :) So most of the times i hate them.

But this time Heath Ledger's acting makes a difference..
Most of his fans and non fans will accept this after they watched this film...We can talk about his talents, we can watch his talents, we can write his talents... but he can'…

The X Files: I Want to Believe

Hi Fellows.... I watched X files movie last Tuesday at Liberty Cinema...Actually it was a nice movie, But sad to say , there were no aliens this time.. :(
But there was a nice story in it...I really enjoyed that movie...

After all...Still I have some doubt places there.. does anyone know answers for these questions...??

They found a hand in the ice... It belongs to that person who is with Russian Doctors...then what happened to his body?? Why they transplant female bodies all the time, specially to that male?? From the very first beginning some fellows came to female FBI agent's house... but why they came?? to stole that dog or to kidnap that lady??If they came to kidnap that lady, there were no bodiless person with them to do the transplant... so why they wanted to kill her??
Likewise, for me there are few "hard to understand" places... if anyone know answers to these.. please tell me guys... really like to know them...:)

Really Nice Movie...

Beauty of Sri Lanka.....!!

Last week our Batch went Nuwara Eliya. It was our 3rd batch trip.We enjoyed our trip 2 da MAX. This was ma second trip 2 Nuwara Eliya.
Sri Lanka is a precious creation of Nature..I felt that i was in heaven when i was in Nuwara Eliya....
Total area of Sri Lanka is 65,610 square kilometers... Yeah I know .. Compare with India, China... it's damn small...
But the variations of the Climate in this small country.. wow i have no words to say...
For an example, I take colombo and Nuwara eliya...Temperature in Colombo (at sea level) varies from 25°C to 31°C...In Nuwara Eliya 10°C to 16°C . It is the central of the country(site of highest elevations).
The distance between Colombo and Nuwara Eliya is 180km.
It's such an amazing thing...
How Lucky I am..... Actually I'm really lucky to have a motherland like U,

****Sri Lanka....!!****

My New Sinhala Blog..!!

Hi Friendz...Again I came up with a new work.. It's a blog.. Actually it's a "Sinhala Blog" .
I really wanted to start one, but i had no idea about that..
I had so musc of probs like, how can i start this kind of a blog?? where can i get sinhala unicodes??? bla bla..
But Finally some of ma buddies showed me the path to start my new Sinhala Blog..
Thanx Hiru and Dulanja..!! :)

This is the URL of my Sinhala Blog...!!

Magae Asin(Way I See) -

Enjoy my new Blog...!!

3rd South Asian Wushu Tournament..!!

This time it was held in Dhaka - the capital of Bangladesh...on 23rd - 25th of April 2008..
There were Six teams from South Asian Region..They were Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan..
There were around 130 players..India got the Championship and the Sri Lankan team got the 2nd Place...

I'm so happy coz i was also there, in my Sri Lankan Team.
I got 3 silver medals from my three events..No doubt about ma happiness he he.. :)

I met so much of good Bangladesh people there...Their appearance is damn equal to Sri Lankan People.. (but it's kind of hard to find a fat person there) .. :)
I take this opportunity to thank my Bangladesh Friends for their Support... Financially they are not rich but Emotionally THEY ARE MULTI MILLIONAIRES...!!

Thank U once Again My friends..!!

My First Visual Script..!!

hmmmm... Again after a looongg looonng time.. :)
DIz time i came with another new work guys..

The song Sandares Kumaariyae... My First Visual Script..
It's a creation of GalleZone Production team and i got a chance to write a visual script for their first song...

I'm not gonna say much about this coZ it's not nice to give comment on it rite, I mean speciall Me,MySelf... :)

So this is the link people..

Plz check it out and let me know ur ideas... I really need that...Actually i need Ur Comments!!

Specially i want to thank U my guys for encouraging me all da Time...!!
Thanx ALOT... ALOT means ALOT.. :)