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The X Files: I Want to Believe

Hi Fellows.... I watched X files movie last Tuesday at Liberty Cinema...Actually it was a nice movie, But sad to say , there were no aliens this time.. :(
But there was a nice story in it...I really enjoyed that movie...

After all...Still I have some doubt places there.. does anyone know answers for these questions...??

  • They found a hand in the ice... It belongs to that person who is with Russian Doctors...then what happened to his body??
  • Why they transplant female bodies all the time, specially to that male??
  • From the very first beginning some fellows came to female FBI agent's house... but why they came?? to stole that dog or to kidnap that lady??
  • If they came to kidnap that lady, there were no bodiless person with them to do the transplant... so why they wanted to kill her??

Likewise, for me there are few "hard to understand" places... if anyone know answers to these.. please tell me guys... really like to know them...:)

Really Nice Movie...


Lahiru said…
ah.. now I need to watch the movie asap.
arun said…
Didn't see it yet
GUWANI said…
Hey Nevi tanx 4 telling us i didnt knw that there is a movie for X-files.. will definitely watch & tell me till when they r gonna show it coz wanna see Aba as well... X-file is one of my favourite TV drama...
AJ said…
I cant believe u went for a such a pathetic movie, its just a based around unwanted stuff which is thrown out from fbi and pentagon. if u really wanna see something realistic watch Stephen Hawking's documentaries sooner or later he gonna prove that there is no god actually he going to prove god dint make the world.and bla bla watch it so damn cool. by the way watch the wanted its so damn cool, and the story also nice one. ok enough of stupid conversations bah bye.

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