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User Stories for Agile Requirements - INTRODUCTION

“Software Requirements” is a uniquely challenging communication problem. The people who need the software must communicate with the people who will build the new software. To become success, a project count on information from heads of very different people such as customers, users, technical team and others who view the software from a business perspective. If either side controls these communications then the project will definitely lose.
What we need is a way to work together so that neither side dominates. As users see previous versions of the software they come up with new ideas and opinions. Because of the intangibility of software, most developers have a difficult time estimating how long development will take.
To avoid these problems, what we do is we make decisions based on the information we have at hand. Rather than making all decisions at the beginning of a project, we spread the decision-making throughout the project.
To do this we make sure we have a process that gets us i…

User Stories for Agile Requirements

Now the Requirement Engineering subject is over....So i thought to share some of my experiences with u guys.... we had to select and write a research paper out of 10 topics. So I selected "User Stories for Agile Requirements". As u all know each and every word of this article is not mine.. coz this is a research paper...(;))... so I thought it's better if i can share my stuff with u guys as well... then this will help u as well rite..
I'll publish this section by section.. hope u guys won't get angry with me.. :O