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New Moon (2009)

Finally I have watched the movie "New Moon" yesterday. Waited since February to watch this movie in a Cinema.. But the hope was faded.. I think Guys this will not gonna show in theaters in Sri Lanka..
According to my view point.. this is not a good movie.. specially comparing with the Twilight. I don't like the characters of Bella and Edward in here. Bella is giving hopes to Jacob it seems.. Felt really sorry about him throughout the movie.. Edward cannot even stand for Bella, when she was in a trouble. Finally he thought that Bella is dead and he tried to suicide...
Is this true Love.??
No comments about Jacob's Role. without his role, this movie is nothing.
After I watched the Movie "Twilight", I was lost in a dream world.. But after I watched this movie, it shattered everything...
This is how I felt Guys...
Now I'm waiting for Eclipse.. Hope it will recreate my dreamworld back... :)