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My New Sinhala Blog..!!

Hi Friendz...Again I came up with a new work.. It's a blog.. Actually it's a "Sinhala Blog" .
I really wanted to start one, but i had no idea about that..
I had so musc of probs like, how can i start this kind of a blog?? where can i get sinhala unicodes??? bla bla..
But Finally some of ma buddies showed me the path to start my new Sinhala Blog..
Thanx Hiru and Dulanja..!! :)

This is the URL of my Sinhala Blog...!!

Magae Asin(Way I See) -

Enjoy my new Blog...!!

3rd South Asian Wushu Tournament..!!

This time it was held in Dhaka - the capital of Bangladesh...on 23rd - 25th of April 2008..
There were Six teams from South Asian Region..They were Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan..
There were around 130 players..India got the Championship and the Sri Lankan team got the 2nd Place...

I'm so happy coz i was also there, in my Sri Lankan Team.
I got 3 silver medals from my three events..No doubt about ma happiness he he.. :)

I met so much of good Bangladesh people there...Their appearance is damn equal to Sri Lankan People.. (but it's kind of hard to find a fat person there) .. :)
I take this opportunity to thank my Bangladesh Friends for their Support... Financially they are not rich but Emotionally THEY ARE MULTI MILLIONAIRES...!!

Thank U once Again My friends..!!