Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My New Sinhala Blog..!!

Hi Friendz...Again I came up with a new work.. It's a blog.. Actually it's a "Sinhala Blog" .
I really wanted to start one, but i had no idea about that..
I had so musc of probs like, how can i start this kind of a blog?? where can i get sinhala unicodes??? bla bla..
But Finally some of ma buddies showed me the path to start my new Sinhala Blog..
Thanx Hiru and Dulanja..!! :)

This is the URL of my Sinhala Blog...!!

Magae Asin(Way I See) -

Enjoy my new Blog...!!


~*~ CHARITH ~*~ said...

Great idea & good job ma love. I really love that blog. Its nice nevi, keep it up.
I will always be there for u if u need any help.
U are the best as always, I N only.

Ushi said...

good work.. :)