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Online Surveys

There are so many online surveys can be seen nowadays.. U can gain so much of benefits by using them. Some of the benefits are,
Fast DistributionFast ResponseResults can be monitored throughout the time the survey is onlineHigher Quality andLow CostWhen you want to create a online survey, then there are few more things that u should consider. First,check whether the survey site is free or not. Second, finalize how many questions u want to submit. Some online surveys only provide u to add 10 questions. To add more questions u have to pay for them. SurveyMonkey( is a Good example for that. Finally, think how many responses u want to collect. response count is also depends on the site.

Considering above details, I recommend SurveyGizmo( as a good free online survey site. U can collect upto 250 responses, U can add a questions with their "Drag + Drop Question Selector", U can add more questions and they will provide u over 20 Q…


I just thought to write something different today.. Today, my article is about eBay.. Most of guys already know about this... but most of them are bit scared to deal with eBay.. This is why i thought to write this type of an article.

PayPal is the preferred payment method for most eBay users. It lets us send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. In that way we can hide our personal details such as credit cards numbers and bank account numbers from other people.
There are few things u should really consider about when u buy something from eBay. Those are

1) It's better if u can buy ur item from a top rated seller.
2) Check his/her ratings
3) Check the price of the item
4) Check whether the free shipping is available for ur country. If not then check the shipping cost for ur country.
5) Check whether the insurance fee is required or not.

Enough for today guys..!! If u have any probs then ask me.. :) I'll give u more details about eBay later...

How to Train Your Dragon - 2010

As U all know this movie got 8.2 ratings in IMDB. This is one of the best(est) and cutest movies I ever watched. Great story.. Great Imagination... The story goes around a boy (Hiccup) and a Dragon (Toothless) :).. Hiccup is a Viking. but he is not a well build person.. His father is the leader of this village.
They are having so much troubles because of dragons... Hiccup is dreaming to hunt dragons by himself but his father doesn't allow him to do coz he is not qualify enough for that(coz his appearance). But finally he is becoming the most favorite person in the village by solving the problem between dragons and Vikings.

How come this thing happen?? If u guys really want to know then download the movie and watch... Cheers..!! :)

Here is the link..
How To Train Your Dragon {2010}

(Genre - Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy )

Nokia 5800 - My New Phone

Yeah this is my new phone.. actually I bought this phone on June... according to my statistics still it's new.. :P
This phone is really worth enough for its price. Normally It's really hard to find a nokia phone with great features but cheap price.
But 5800 has changed the Nokia tradition... It has everything u need in nowadays... if u need GPS then it's there.. if U need a touch screen then it's there, likewise everything is there in Nokia 5800..
Nokia 5800 has 2 different products.. one is xpressmusic edition and the other one is navigation edition... Most of the people say that the navigation edition has Bugs... But I'm not sure about that...
Anyways I have bought the xpressmusic edition...
U can check its features from

If u are looking for a phone to buy.. then i do recommend Nokia 5800... but if U have more money then I think U have many options .. ;)
U can buy this phone for Rs: 30,000 from outside.. But if u a…

New Moon (2009)

Finally I have watched the movie "New Moon" yesterday. Waited since February to watch this movie in a Cinema.. But the hope was faded.. I think Guys this will not gonna show in theaters in Sri Lanka..
According to my view point.. this is not a good movie.. specially comparing with the Twilight. I don't like the characters of Bella and Edward in here. Bella is giving hopes to Jacob it seems.. Felt really sorry about him throughout the movie.. Edward cannot even stand for Bella, when she was in a trouble. Finally he thought that Bella is dead and he tried to suicide...
Is this true Love.??
No comments about Jacob's Role. without his role, this movie is nothing.
After I watched the Movie "Twilight", I was lost in a dream world.. But after I watched this movie, it shattered everything...
This is how I felt Guys...
Now I'm waiting for Eclipse.. Hope it will recreate my dreamworld back... :)

User Stories for Agile Requirements - INTRODUCTION

“Software Requirements” is a uniquely challenging communication problem. The people who need the software must communicate with the people who will build the new software. To become success, a project count on information from heads of very different people such as customers, users, technical team and others who view the software from a business perspective. If either side controls these communications then the project will definitely lose.
What we need is a way to work together so that neither side dominates. As users see previous versions of the software they come up with new ideas and opinions. Because of the intangibility of software, most developers have a difficult time estimating how long development will take.
To avoid these problems, what we do is we make decisions based on the information we have at hand. Rather than making all decisions at the beginning of a project, we spread the decision-making throughout the project.
To do this we make sure we have a process that gets us i…

User Stories for Agile Requirements

Now the Requirement Engineering subject is over....So i thought to share some of my experiences with u guys.... we had to select and write a research paper out of 10 topics. So I selected "User Stories for Agile Requirements". As u all know each and every word of this article is not mine.. coz this is a research paper...(;))... so I thought it's better if i can share my stuff with u guys as well... then this will help u as well rite..
I'll publish this section by section.. hope u guys won't get angry with me.. :O