Monday, August 23, 2010

Nokia 5800 - My New Phone

Yeah this is my new phone.. actually I bought this phone on June... according to my statistics still it's new.. :P
This phone is really worth enough for its price. Normally It's really hard to find a nokia phone with great features but cheap price.
But 5800 has changed the Nokia tradition... It has everything u need in nowadays... if u need GPS then it's there.. if U need a touch screen then it's there, likewise everything is there in Nokia 5800..
Nokia 5800 has 2 different products.. one is xpressmusic edition and the other one is navigation edition... Most of the people say that the navigation edition has Bugs... But I'm not sure about that...
Anyways I have bought the xpressmusic edition...
U can check its features from

If u are looking for a phone to buy.. then i do recommend Nokia 5800... but if U have more money then I think U have many options .. ;)
U can buy this phone for Rs: 30,000 from outside.. But if u are willing to buy it from Nokia center then the price will be Rs:38,470/-

ENjoY...!! :)


Ansh Lucky Sri Jay said...

Love this..
I bought the phone on last Saturday..

ශාකුන්තල said...

Neviගේ බයිලා phone :D

Surely great... where music is on \m/

Nevi said...

he he thanx Guys..!! :)

Azeez said...

i also bought this 1

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