Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon - 2010

As U all know this movie got 8.2 ratings in IMDB. This is one of the best(est) and cutest movies I ever watched. Great story.. Great Imagination... The story goes around a boy (Hiccup) and a Dragon (Toothless) :).. Hiccup is a Viking. but he is not a well build person.. His father is the leader of this village.
They are having so much troubles because of dragons... Hiccup is dreaming to hunt dragons by himself but his father doesn't allow him to do coz he is not qualify enough for that(coz his appearance). But finally he is becoming the most favorite person in the village by solving the problem between dragons and Vikings.

How come this thing happen?? If u guys really want to know then download the movie and watch... Cheers..!! :)

Here is the link..
How To Train Your Dragon {2010}

(Genre - Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy )


Poo said...

thanxxxx :D

Praneeth Subasekara said...

So your actually telling us to make an illegal download :O hehe kidding, anywze watched the movie pretty good but not up the expectation in the sense of a strong story line ;)

Nevi said...

yeah yeah .. I'm actually telling u to make an illegal download..!! :P yeah I agree with u.. !! But I don't know why I like that movie so much.. lol...:)