Sunday, February 17, 2008

My First Visual Script..!!

hmmmm... Again after a looongg looonng time.. :)
DIz time i came with another new work guys..

The song Sandares Kumaariyae... My First Visual Script..
It's a creation of GalleZone Production team and i got a chance to write a visual script for their first song...

I'm not gonna say much about this coZ it's not nice to give comment on it rite, I mean speciall Me,MySelf... :)

So this is the link people..

Plz check it out and let me know ur ideas... I really need that...Actually i need Ur Comments!!

Specially i want to thank U my guys for encouraging me all da Time...!!
Thanx ALOT... ALOT means ALOT.. :)


Ushi said...

gud job!!!

Hiran said...

The final thing we had dun together my love

Charith said...

Another great achievement as always.. nice work nevi. You got talent & courage to do anything. Sweetheart... You not just doing them, you doing them better. Wish u all the best with love....!!!

The Reader said...

Ela. :)

Keep going buddy !