Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Black holes....???

i'm pretty interesting about black holes!!coz it's one of the great mysteries....
What goes on inside is unknown.
What we refer to as the black hole is actually a kind of "surface" at which the velocity required for escape equals Speed of light(1079,252,848.8 km/h).
we can prove it according to this formula...

If G - gravitational constant
M - mass of a body whose is
R - radius

the escape velocity is,

In the case of a black hole, this velocity is equal to c the speed of light,
hence the radius(Schwarzschild) of a black hole is expressed as -

The collapsing star of a supernova will turn into a neutron star only if its mass is less than about two or three times of the Sun. If the mass is greater, then even the star's huge density cannot hold gravity back, and instead of a neutron star the supernova creates a "star" that nothing can support against gravity. At a small enough radius, the gravitational force becomes so great that light can't escape, and the star disappears forever into a "black hole."

isn't it amazing???

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