Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hooray!!! Finally I did it!!!!

u guys know what ??!! this is like a dream !!
i was dreaming to create ma own blog... but u know there were so many excuses in ma mind!!
"this is useless", "i have no time to do such a thing" etc....
list goes on and on.....

but i did it some how .... isn't it??? :)

(may be this will gonna be ma last post.. hi... hi...!!)

keep rock on with NeviRoX!!


Isuru said...

Congratulations!!! I'm glad you have finally created your own blog..

You are a person with great ideas and so many talents and I'm sure this blog will help you to show them out to the world..

Wish you all the best!!..

The Reader said...

Hey machan... Great !
Finally our IdeaGirl got a blog. athi yaanthan :)

Wish you all the best..! Ela ela.

Chamila said...

First Post is the hardest now uv done it rest will ust flow nicely.
Rock On.

Prabha said...
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Prabha said...

well done nevi!!!
i am really sorry abt me u ddnt tel me abt this b4!!!
too bad huh!dont forget ur friends wen u do great work like this...
anyway keep it up
well done ma pal....