Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fun with illness!

I'll catch u first,
I'll take u 2 bed,
I'll Make u hot,
I'll make u sweat,
I'll make u tired,
I'll make u vomit,

WHO AM I?????

Chicken Gunya!! ha ha ha !!!

people who live in Sri Lanka are so creative... this is a good
example to to prove it!I got this is a sms last nite!!see how creative they are.. :)

diz is a new week guys!! so just wanted to make u laugh from the begining of diz week!!

so keep smiling through da week everyone!!

Have a nice day!!!

1 comment:

Prabha said...

i too got this sms
yea its funny but it has a hidden important message...
mosquitos.. they spread cz of our own fault and they spread illnesses like this
my dear u can do a great job through ur blog
try to make our ppl undersatnd the importance of keeping their environment clean...
carry on nevi u can do a big change
all the best!!