Saturday, August 1, 2009

Transformers II - Revenge of the Fallen

I went to watch Transformers II on 14th July. We had to book the tickets before we go there. We went for 7.00pm show, but the crowd... phew.... :) made nooooo difference...
I really love this movie.. Every inch of this movie is happening.. Yeah I know Guys... comparing to Transformers I this one is bit different.
Let's say like this...

Transformers I
Action, Great Story, Less Mistakes

Transformers II
More Action, Story (Not bad but not good also ... :P), Average Mistakes

According to my view point there are two visible goofs..

1) To the final war, why US soldiers coming to land(Egypt) across the sea?? Geographically it's not practical.
2) Why Megatron sending such a small creature to get the small piece from Megan Fox while they trying sooo hard to get other piece ?? Are they that much weak?

I saw there are sooo many goofs in IMDB site. But according to my view point I can ignore them coz this is not a real story and this is just an imagination, BUT it's a great imagination. I really love that imaginory world and Still I'm wishing to have a Robot like Bumble Bee.. :P


spidy said...

Well i thnk it is a good action movie. But the story is just like a hindi movie. Sam dies n goes to robot heaven???? I mean come on, didn't they have any other alternative!!!! Well comparing with the first one i think the story is a disaster.. I'm sure they could have done it better!!!!!

Nevi said...

Yeah I agree with U spidy... :) That part is like a Hindi Movie..

Kanishka | කණියා said...

your point 1 is incorrect, egypt is partially sourrounded by sea.. USA normally have there battle ships in every international ocean areas.. so the best way to transport soldiers is across sea. not from land.

in your 2nd point, megatron isn't sending anyone to retrieve the pieces. Its the fallen. but anyway i can understand the reason why don't they send some bigger robot to retrirve the other piece..

I too love to have a robot like Bumble Bee :x