Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oil Lamps(lampas)....!!!

1st of January 2007, we had a small function in our head office!!all the activities had begun after lightening the oil lamp.. so i thought to write something about the history of oil lamps!!
it's kind of interesting....!!
The oil lamps widely used since ancient times.The first lamp was invented around 70,000 BC.
A hollow rock, shell or other natural found object was filled with moss or a similar material that was soaked with animal fat and ignited. Humans began imitating the natural shapes with manmade pottery and metal lamps. Wicks were later added to control the rate of burning.
Around the 7th century BC, the Greeks began making terra cotta lamps to replace handheld torches.
The word lamp is derived from the Greek word "lampas", meaning torch.In the 18th century, the central burner was invented, a major improvement in lamp design.
Early lighting fuels consisted of olive oil, beeswax, fish oil, whale oil and etc.......

Oil Lamps in Religion...

The Bible

When you set the lamps, the seven lamps shall give light in front of the lamp stand (menorah).” Numbers 8: 1 -4


The oil lamp is extinguished in four different ways: even though oil is there yet if the wick is burnt, the lamp goes out(âyukkhaya Marana): even though the wick is there is no oil, the lamp goes out(Kammakkhjya Marana): thirdly by the simultaneous exhaustion of oil as well as the wick, the lamp goes out(Ubhayakkhaya Marana). Lastly even though oil and the wick are there and the lamp too is burning, still if a wind blows the lamp goes out(Upachedaka or Akàla Marana).


DoT [ . ] said...
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DoT [ . ] said...

instead of blaming the darkness what you should do is light at least one lamp.(ANDURATA SAPA KARANU WENUWATA OBA KALA UTHTHE EKK PAHANAKK HO DALL WEEMAYA..)
may you light the other's lives as u always do my dear..

Poo said...

It is interesting !!!

Never knew a lamp had all those, reminding that every little thing has a deeper meaning.