Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Love 4 U

I don't have a sexy look,
I don't have a nice figure,
I don't have anything u dreaming of,
But I really love U....

I know that u have secrets,
I know that U have soo many Girl Friends,
I know that u flirt with them
But Still I really love U..

I know I never lie to U
I know I can die for U
But now I know I can't fight for u
But still I really love U...

I don't know why I love U..
I don't know why U lie to me..
Now I know that U are not mine..
But Still... I really love U..

Love U 4Ever..!!


Shashika Samarasinghe said...

Nice 1 nevi,,keep it up~~~

Nevi said...

Thanx Shash..!! :)

Ushi said...

Such is life!!! This is a spinning world!!! So anyways, whatever goes comes around!!! I believe in that :) nice one!!!

Nevi said...

Thanx Ushi.. :)

Saraswathi Mukkai said...

Beautiful writing Nevi. I am @saraswathi from Twitter. I have added your blog on my website www.travelleroftheworlds.com.

Keep writing :)

Nevi said...

Oh Hi Saraswathi.. Sooo good to see u..!! Thanx alot dear..!! I'm gonna add ur one too..!! :)

දසුන් සමීර වීරසිංහ said...


DonD said...

mad luv!

Nevi said...

Is it Mad?? :)