Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Online Surveys

There are so many online surveys can be seen nowadays.. U can gain so much of benefits by using them. Some of the benefits are,
  • Fast Distribution
  • Fast Response
  • Results can be monitored throughout the time the survey is online
  • Higher Quality and
  • Low Cost
When you want to create a online survey, then there are few more things that u should consider. First,check whether the survey site is free or not. Second, finalize how many questions u want to submit. Some online surveys only provide u to add 10 questions. To add more questions u have to pay for them. SurveyMonkey(http://www.surveymonkey.com/) is a Good example for that. Finally, think how many responses u want to collect. response count is also depends on the site.

Considering above details, I recommend SurveyGizmo(http://appv3.sgizmo.com/) as a good free online survey site. U can collect upto 250 responses, U can add a questions with their "Drag + Drop Question Selector", U can add more questions and they will provide u over 20 Question Types, After gathering all responses they will display the data using charts.
SurveyGizmo is a Good Online Survey site, specially for the feature-focused marketers, researchers and educators.

Have a Nice Day People...!! :)